Monday, October 24, 2016

Top(less) Knock Downs

Sexy and competitive female boxing is always difficult to find; with knock downs even more. Fighters usually put large and heavy cushioned gloves to minimize damage. In many cases, blows to the head were also forbidden. However, if the fan is not overly demanding there are entertaining scenes around, most of them from vintage videos.

The first one is from Bad Apple, the best purveyor of erotic box for years; second is from California Supreme, with a dominating Lori over Mitch followed by another CS where Darlyn beats Heather; finally, from a rarely seen Video Sports production, Gabrielle makes Lara feel her punch power.



  1. Is there a link to a full version of the Bad
    Apple fight,if not could you post it?

    1. I could not find a legitimate provider of the Bad Apple video; I will post the entire fight soon.

  2. Thanks! Looking forward to seeing it

  3. Never really paid much attention to women boxing up until now but this has aroused my enthusiasm.I love the first interatial bout with very curvy girls.I love the knock downs particularly after the first knock down with the coloured girl waiting patiently to administer more punishment.I am now a fan.

  4. Would love to see the first two women wrestle especially Breast Smother submissions.

  5. Very erotic after a knockdown to watch the other women wait in the corner or circle watching to see what damage she has done to the other women.