Monday, December 26, 2016

New Old Ones

A bunch of vintage California Supreme fights has recently resurfaced on the Web. That gave me the idea of creating a separate page to store select videos I have from this legendary producer. The highlights of the first one - Uschi Digart vs Pam in a nude boxing match are below. The California Supreme page will be accessed clicking/touching on the named tab just below the hold drawings frame on top of the Blog. That will be done along this and the following weeks.

By the way, let me remind everybody that Beatrice Goffin fights are available in her separate page as well.


The California Supreme page is alive with the above fight in full.


  1. Well, I think we all laid first eyes on Uschi Digart in one of Russ Meyer's cult movies and as we did we were taken aback by her huge breasts. Well, they turned out only to being the smaller pair in the small wrestling & catfighting scene. Anyway, California Supreme is defunct now I think but it produced some hell of matches between some of my all time favourite fighters of which Lisa Marie is probably top of the bill :)

  2. " That gave me the idea of creating a separate page to store select videos ... "

    EXCELLENT IDEA !!! ...

    ( ... and I, for one, am just glad their products are still available from other sources. They're always going to be in-demand.)

  3. MORE , MORE , MORE CS ! cant get enough of these classic fights ! :)

  4. Is that Pam Manning ??? I never knew she did nude if so.

    1. Yes, it´s Pam (Pamela) Manning. It´s the only nude fight I know in her career.

  5. What a beutiful boxing bout.The competitors are great looking which is enhanced by two lovely bushes with Uschi as the older being a fantastic lush triangle.Something also very erotic by seeing a women downed and then the other waiting exitedly for her to rise so she can continue to dish the punishment