Monday, January 2, 2017

Duel Of Shining Legs

Regardless of pro-wrestling skills, Hurricane Havana and Nikki Martin certainly have comparable gorgeous looks. With extreme high-cut leotards and shining tights enhancing their sexy legs, this pro-wrestling bout from Pin-Down Girls (now extinct) has a good start even before the choreography begins.

And expectations are actually fulfilled with a by the book use of throws, blows and holds. It would be a five stars match should they have used a more elaborate technique (like the Japanese from A minus: original lighting was uneven going from satisfactory to awful.

Anyway, below is an entertaining fight summary.



  1. Wow, that blonde's a pure savage. By the way, do you have any two on one matches, in particular those featuring double bearhugs? Or anything with one girl (preferably smaller but not picky) getting smushed between two or more (preferably bigger) women.

    1. Yes, this one is very, very specific. Anyway, I will look around for it.