Monday, January 16, 2017

I Feel Pain Just Looking Or Grueling Leg Locks

I guess the girls in the fighting scenes below are much more flexible than me but the leg locks they are submitted to should have left painful memories. Look at the first one with gorgeous Marla putting the equally hot Michelle to suffer in the World of Wildcats (WOW) production: I hope they had rehearsed very well the move or the chiropractor will receive the blonde early in the following morning. Same is valid in the second and third segments, respectively with Sharon and Arlene for Wrestling Lounge and Veve Lane and Indra for DoomMaidens. 

The last segment is the more realistic one, featuring a competitive combat between Ionna and Jenny for Female Wrestling Zone. Ionna goes after a submission locking Jenny´s legs in many positions until she gets an extreme bend of her right leg; then, with a little help of a side head lock, she is rewarded with a tap out.



  1. That last leg lock was impressive! Don't see skill like that often.

  2. Marla's a honey. Any more of her matches?