Sunday, January 22, 2017

Tricking YouTube

In the last weeks I have seen a huge turnaround of women fighting clips on YouTube: dozens of videos get in, dozens of videos get out in short periods of time. That is the reason the Blog Theater (bottom of the page) film list changes a lot, specially within the first 200 itens (for unknown reasons the video count shows only the number 200, but my playlist has around 1,500 clips).

I find everything on YouTube regarding the catfighting theme: rare footage, repetitive material, misleading titles, awful image quality, interesting fights and... sexy stuff. The later ones rarely stay active more than one day. 

Few moments ago I stumbled upon a curiosity: a guy published a catfighting video with twice the normal speed; but if you play it at half speed (or one quarter speed) you can see a rare erotic catfight, very likely from Crystal Films, and notice quite well the women are wearing only pantyhoses under the dresses.


Note: the video is still available and a reader warned me that one of catfighters is Maylay, the hostess of the Harmony Club in New York and many Crystal Films productions.

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