Monday, January 23, 2017

Contemporary Apartment Catfights

A soft rug, a small clear area, absence of dangerous objects that can hurt and presto: you are ready to sponsor a catfight on your apartment. Perhaps a sofa to add another surface to the combatants. This was the main background used in the sport pioneer times. Nowadays one finds catfights under the sea and in a space station with girls greased with yogurt or honey.

Phat Pharras Katfight Korner producer stands with the conventional apartment catfights style. It has nice touches as the mutual undressing in some fights that I find entertaining. And cases where the woman is not utterly bald on her intimacies. Brawls seem competitive, regardless of safeguard instructions to prevent injuries (even so, they happen...).

In the videos I watched there are boring periods; it depends on fighters imagination and skill to get an advantage. Below, the second and third segment cater for the big women fans. The best segment is the last one, the interracial bout between skinny and beautiful girls.

Scenes are from: A Matter of Pride (Mila vs Sarah), Friendly Fire (Dylan vs Stephanie), Last Gasp (Sydney vs Olivia) and Sugar and Spicey (Candy vs Lisey).



  1. this is so damn good :-D Remember the wedgie tag, I think we are quit a few wedgie fans out here :-D

    it calls for more in not too long, thx for a great blog

    1. Sure, my fault, thanks for reminding me. Cheers

  2. The inclusion of stockings and suspenders certainly adds something extra to fighting women especially private catfights