Monday, January 30, 2017

What are you looking at?

The wrestling skills of those ladies? Their ripped muscles and the beef on legs and arms? Their breasts? Maybe all of this but I bet you are focusing on their crotches (Yes, I confess, I am a pervert...).

They are not the common fare because all women here are strong and generously built what gives a special attraction to the scenes.

First and second segments are from Female Muscle World: Tami vs Leia Kawaii but the other I could not identify the body builders. the last item is from ECNCW CF-45 Sarah vs Kelly.


Note 1: The California Supreme has been update in the text and video sections;

Note 2: a bunch of uncommon videos (not clips) has been uploaded to YouTube and are available in the top positions of the Blog Theater. There are full fights from Lingerie Fighting Championships and Japanese ring combats from a (weird) outlet called Fuego Lucha Libre (yes, in Spanish) located in ... California.


  1. Yeah, ECNWC ... wish they were still doing stuff ... in a selfish way. I loved their stuff but honestly felt bad for some of those girls being in those fights - especially their early stuff. I've looked at FF for a long time and have to say ECNWC's early stuff had to be some of the roughest ever.

    Always wanted to know the 'behind the scenes' stories of those arranged fights. I believe they were real fights / grudges simply because they didn't offer many releases compared to other producers who seemed to have a certain group of girls they'd always have on hand to shoot another movie.

    Them and Crystal always had me thinking something legal happened to force them into retirement. I was never a fan of Crystal , their girls always looked like they could be fighting form bail money. But I loved ECNWC , their girls for the most part were just so hot they could have been doing other things with those looks instead of being slapped, hair pulled and crotch-gouged for money.

  2. Yes, I was looking at all the above :)I'm not sure there was a finer bum in women's wrestling than the lovely Leia / Tigra :)

  3. If nobody here has seen a ECNWC fight, there are two on XVIDEO ; both about 30 minutes long and as nasty as it can be.

    In one they rip off each others panties with wedgies that almost cut them in half, threats of ripping out clits, non stop hair pulling, pussies rubbed in faces, etc etc etc ... Fun for the whole family :>)

    Actually, it's pretty disturbing that I'm watching this and enjoying it. If I hit the lottery some day I'll see a shrink about this , LOL

  4. ECNWC and Crystal Harmony Club were the forefathers of the women MMA of our times. Both were raunchy, specially the later one. I tolerated the excesses in punches, kicks and hurting wedgies because of their authenticity but sometimes they went too far.

    1. I was never a big fan of Crystal. I did enjoy a barefist boxing match between Therasa, a muscular and skilled boxer versus some hapless opponent. The leer smile on Theresa's face as she beat down her opponent was a bit disturbing at times.

  5. One thing that amazes me about this is the balls the guys had to arrange it, use their house, draw a crowd to watch and then film and market it besides !!!

    I'd be mortified if someone found out about my fetish for even 'friendly wrestling' between women let alone something like those vicious fights.

    With all that was involved in these fights, from the spectators to those participating, I'm surprised nobody got into trouble over it. But, there is no more ECNWC so maybe someone did blow the whistle on them.

    Hell, another guy who was putting on legitimate female wrestling events ( with training the girls, etc.) in Va. a few years got shut down ... and his events were held in public venues, advertised and sold tickets !

  6. What a fantastic first clip ! Wish we could see the full match.The struggle and cries of the white women as she is crushed between the powerful thighs was great,I didnt notice the crotches !