Monday, February 6, 2017

Festival Of Grimaces

I browsed my posts and realized I don´t have many cases of a dreadful and sexy hold: the small package pin, where the dominated fighter is kept in a awkward position and escape chances are nil. The best in my collection of still images has been used to create the slide show. Hold details can vary but one common thing is the grimace in the looser face.

The Japanese erotic combats love to include the hold in the script and there is a couple of them in the slide show below (unfortunately with the annoying privates pixelation). 

Notice that Robin appears in three slides: two in the dominant side and one as victim. My dear Nicole Oring is also included the show.


  1. I've seen this hold or position a million times and it's one of the most absurd, stupid, asinine, worthless, ridiculous and dumb-ass holds or positions out there ... (I'm not faulting you for featuring it ... just giving my feedback of it ...)

    What in the hell is anyone trying to prove here ??? ... How embarrassing you can be to your opponent or how humiliated she can become ??? ...

    So to each his or her own but if anyone is trying to do any of the above ... Congratulations !!! ... You've scored Big-Time in the accomplishment of this form of physical art (Click HERE !!!)

  2. As it's a pin the match has been won by the move, all the while to the loser's horror as she has lost AND is being humiliated by being left on display. It is so sexy when this happens. The loser's expressions are priceless! I have to say it is really hot seeing this happen to Nicole Oring. Sorry Nicole!