Monday, March 13, 2017

Please, Use Your Imagination

This time there are no combat images at all but only (prospective) combatants. Just imagine you have been able to convince women friends and neighbors to participate in a spring tournament held in a local and discrete venue (your buddy´s gym or even a roomy garage). Keep the dream supposing the women are the ones below already matched one on one. Some have already wrestled, there are shy ones, big and small bodies, Caucasian, Asian and Afro-American.

I would buy a ticket to the tournament.



  1. I have always loved watching private womens wrestling/catfights.They are frequently invitation matches at homes of the participants with agreed rules.Very often by more mature women who love being naked and sport a nice bush.These are especially erotic when the women have a reason eg Genuine bitch rivalry or before the reward of sex,be this lesbian or for a large cock.GREAT

  2. Definitely the divorced Battle which would most probably be quite bitchy and the Cougar vs Young in which the older women would want the younger to experience the delights of being under the crotch of a another women.This will also serve to instil respect for the older women and fear of the hold when they have a rematch.This would also have to be a submissions only match so the other great womens fighting holds eg Boston Crab and ceiling holds could be used.

  3. Slide 2 Ronnie and Chris would HAVE to be a Facesit bout which would conclude with Chris satisfying herself by making Ronnie enjoy the the taste and aroma of her crotch by rubbing her cum onto her face

  4. Definitely pay to see Cougar vs Young.