Monday, March 20, 2017

One Welcome Video

After a long time, another lost production from Video Sports Limited has come to life on the Web thanks to the ever increasing number of fans in our community who take the trouble to convert and upload them. This was one of the few producers that was able to engage hot half naked women in decent wrestling.

The rarity is V044 "1992 Topless Lightweight Matches" (ouch, 25 years have passed already: it seems yesterday...) with two combats: Julie vs Cassandra and J´sae (or Jasae) vs Nikie. Two curiosities: the first bout is interrupted (at the first part end) by a injury in the Julie´s toenail and a bruise in Cassandra´s breast (very, very regrettable!). And in the second one there is one of the first appearances of Jasae, very young and somewhat shy.

The fight is in full, split in three parts.

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