Monday, March 27, 2017

Strength, Skill and Sex Appeal In Equal Parts

Flame Dragan (name I used to wrongly spell as "Dragon") is the woman fighter with the three Ss in the title. A veteran from APL days, she is a very competitive fighter who does not let the fan down in the erotic point of view. In this regard, she many times showed a real enjoyment of such a moves as a face sitting. And in the nude!

In the competitive mode, the two fights against Kassidy are impressive for the black wrestler is not an easy win; and in the Festelle video, she is as topless as Flame!. But the real struggle is in the last segment against the big Wildkat.

The sample list below includes: APLs #285 (against Dora), #291 (against Ana Paula) and #379 (against Linda); Fit Fetish facing Sunfire, twice battling Kassidy (unknown source and Festelle FV213-1) and finally for London Wrestling Studio against Wildkat.



  1. Why are videos suddenly not appearing? Has it anything to do with not having only Shockwave player installed?

  2. Another excellent compilation - thanks! Flame is one of my favourites largely in part to the three S you refer to. She also has quite the naSty streak (not really another S), as partly seen in that last match and her domination of the bigger Kassidy - she fights to win