Monday, May 29, 2017

Losing Memory...

If it weren´t for a fellow and attentive reader, I would have forgotten to include a really good Angela Faith video on her recent appraisal post. How could I have left out her nude battle against Tina Antman for Women Warriors? Aging is a terrible thing...

It is time to remedy the fail and include the full fight here in three segments.



  1. Great match - that was some cruel facesitting at the end!

  2. Loved the match too. Nice to see some pubes and the trash talking was excellent.

  3. Wow! Super sexy. Thanks for sharing it.

  4. Great Match the sound of the muffled cries during the face sit as face is pulled into the Bush and then made to taste her opponent is very erotic especially as she confirms she sometimes enjoys being underneath.Some mature women have said that since their fights and bouts as young girls they cannot make up their minds which they enjoy the most,being on top or underneath.