Monday, June 5, 2017

Butt Bumps Or Some Fancy Name

This pro-wrestling action is one of older choreographic moves in the show. It is not designed to be a decisive moment but a humiliating position with interesting results that you can watch below. In most cases, the hold main parts are a rear body scissors combined with a full nelson, giving leverage to one wrestler to execute the up and downs.

In the video, we start with three classical Lady Sports segments, and then a vintage scene with Magnificent Mimi and Candi. Moving to very old times, we have Mildred Burke girls in bikinis featuring Casey Carr and Cheryl. The best ones are at the end, nudies of course, with NWWL Killie and Ninja Chops and Mildred Burke again with Sandy Partlow and Cheryl Day (please notice the outstanding camera work and slow replay).



  1. Yes, a totally useless pro wrestling move - but we love it! My favourite is the last segment, how Burke got two quality, well-known pro wrestlers to wrestle naked (I guess the masks didn't hide their identities!)took some work.

  2. Also known as Keister Bumps. The purpose is to wear down the opponent with bumps to her cunt. I find the bouncing breasts highly erotic!

  3. Excellent weakener which women can then convert into a crushing body scissor submission.