Monday, May 8, 2017

My Girl (one of them...)

For whatever reason, some of the women fighters had a special flair in my opinion. It could be her body (Treena Collins, Lisa Marie), charm (Jasae), temper (Tina Altman), meanness (Linda), strength (Xana) or skills (Beatrice Goffin). I don´t really know why Angela Faith is in that list but I have always looked for her (rare) videos. As in other similar cases, it might be her resemblance with a working colleague who I would love to see in a catfight.

If I am not mistaken, Angela was also an actress in bondage productions but here we are interested on her milder footage. We have three segments from Kenstar (where she was the star): against Jasae, the astonishing Kris and Christine Dupree. In the following segment, she is the receiving end of a 3-to-1 bout from Joan Wise (PC080 with Candi, Nikki Steele and Tori Sinclair). And in the last, the most recent one, a competitive fight against the exuberant Sylar Renee for Les Femmes Fatales.



  1. Another great collection - thanks for all the effort you put in this! I had vaguely heard of Angela before - pretty good wrestler.

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