Monday, May 15, 2017

Tag Teams In 3D

I am a fan of static images, a bigger yet fan of 3D pictures and therefore THE fan of Deviant Art site and its large digital art repository (the world´s biggest?) supplied by thousands of contributors - hobbyists and professionals. As expected, women combats occupies a respectable share in the site storage with all the variations and specialties a fan can find in the flesh and bone world.

I have a particular interest on 3D imagery since I used to be a hobbyist until two or three years ago, having used Poser software to build characters and wrestling scenes. The pictures in the Blog top of the page were done by me using that tool. Many other women combat buffs have also realized the technique potential to get personal pleasure and ... bucks in some cases.

One of those artists is MerlinKing, a veteran in this business who used to have a personal site to sell his creations (does still exist?). I like her style but not all fighting scripts or renderings in his catalog. The ones which recently caught my attention in the positive quadrant are the tag teams series shown below where the author´s talent for composing wrestling scenes can be seen.


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