Monday, December 4, 2017

Double Rarity

Finding one missing Video Sports video is rare; finding a Video Sports video with Lisa-Marie is really is a lottery award. There is another plus: the kiwi fights Africa, a powerful and strong wrestler. I was expecting a dominance from the black wrestler but did not happen.

The video is V067.

Part 2:


  1. Indeed ... long retired Lisa marie from New Zeland taking on black powerhouse Africa who still is active for like for Double Trouble. Although much less powerfull at first view, Lisa Marie did very well against Africa who probably was used that her power conquers all. Not in this case though .... Lisa Marie at her peak was hard to beat>

  2. Wow, what a great find. I never knew they wrestled. It was an aggressive, tough match, they almost seemed to come to blows a few times. And yes, a surprising outcome. Lisa Marie fought Sally Mcneil and got crushed; I'd like to see Africa go up against Sally.

    Neat to see Charlie Golden Kat Haynes in Lisa's corner.