Monday, December 11, 2017

On Target

I am always amazed with the Japanese regularity in producing wrestling videos that follow a well defined script. In this case, the atributes are: beautiful and slim fighters, revealing swimsuits with high cuts, choreographed fight and - the most important in this post - lots of time with the camera pointing to the girl´s "garden of delices".

Crotch viewing is an obsession in the Japanese sex culture and women fighting follows the stream. As you know there is a strange catch in the porn regulations in the sun rising country: no genitalia can be exhibited and usually the producers hide them through image pixelation. The result is always bizarre and annoys everybody.

However, in many videos - like the one below, SSB-02 - the women are not naked and despite the just one inch of fabric that covers the forbidden area, rules allow full resolution and the outcome is better than in nude fights.  


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