Monday, December 25, 2017

Extreme Wedgies

With such garments, what the girls could expect after a few minutes of combat? The fabric would certainly invade the frontal intimate parts with no ceremony (and very likely causing a lot of discomfort). Pictures are best to verify the most extreme cases, starting from slide one. Unfortunately, some of the later images are not sharp.

Scenes come from the usual suspects: DWW, ECNWC, Academy, Japanese catfights and others.



  1. Intentionally pulling up or on the bottom fabric of a suit to make a wedgie is always retarded (imho) ... It's about as entertaining as driving your car and getting a flat tire ... Translation: It flat our sucks (no pun intended) ...

    Having said that ... let me turn to a more relevant post at this time of year ...

    For all the Diligence, Time, Effort, Attention and Overwhelming amount of submission you do here, allow me to give you a Huge, Enormous and Gigantic amount of Thanks & Appreciation again and again and again ...

    So let me just take a moment and Wish You and Yours a Very Merry, Happy, Terrific and Fantastic Christmas and New Year !!! ...

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    "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!! ..."

  2. We all have different preferences in wrestling and fighting.
    I personally wish there would be more video wedgies, but i love this place for the variety.

    Happy New Year

  3. +1 for wedgies of all forms, especially frontal! thankyou Astro for your ongoing dedication :D

  4. Excellent wedgies slides 2 and 3 face sit over nose and mouth.I bet one if not both were disapointed that she couldnt get her tongue right inside for a lick out submission