Monday, January 1, 2018

Let Me Go (52): California Style

OMG, more than four years since the last installment in this series! To try to make it up, I am posting a vintage collection of headscissors from California Supreme, one of women wrestling pioneers. Worth noticing is the nude interracial segment with Brenda. I think it is a decent year start... 


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  1. The sequence of Brenda vs. Cindy is a classic example of black vs white which are always great to view. Always love the skin contrast and with Brenda being so black you get to see Cindy quite well caught in one of the best scissors to the head ever filmed. White might mean might but you'd have to tell that to Brenda who in her own words says, "I've got a good one on you now, you bitch" which she sure did. I've got the whole film and what Brenda did to Cindy was amazing. She kept a nice hold on Cindy's arms grabbing many times to her wrists to prevent escape and with the scissors around the head she at times would move her legs up and down to "wring" out or try to inflict as much pain as possible. You can hear Cindy sort of gurgle and cry out in pain, eyes shut a lot of times trying to deal with it. I give her credit she was sure stubborn. Cindy started out the match all fresh and pretty but caught in many different holds including the one showed here she looked a mess at the end. Brenda asked her a few times if she gave and also told her to give so it was up to Cindy to decide. Brenda did say to Cindy as you hear "You're going to lose this no matter what" and she sure did.