Monday, January 22, 2018

Super Thighs

I took notice of Sahrye very recently when I happened to find her battle against Maggie where she appears with a very sexy red lace lingerie. Her luscious body and beautiful skin color grabbed my attention along the use of her powerful legs as wrestling weapons. Better, the bout has a good degree of combativity (I would give it a grade 7 out of 10).

I did a research on my archives and found other instances of Sahrye presence, with a variety of sub-genres (domination, staged, competition) and hair colors but always with her thighs in the foreground. They are in the video below: against Kery for Girls Wrestle, Renee for DreamLand Clips, Nikki for Catfighting Angel, Kali Logan for Spectrum, Andre Rosu (other formidable thighs power opponent) for DoomMaidens and, finally, the above mentioned combat against Maggie for Catfighting Angel.