Monday, January 15, 2018

Women Combats & Social Networks

What is the best way to follow the news about fighting women? My Blog? Nooo, it is just a hobby with few updates and personal biases. I am talking about the the giants, Facebook and many others. I have prepared a summary of my opinions on some of them.

- Facebook: big, with a lot of useful and not so useful information. Too polluted with ads, meetings, games, etc to my taste and... censored!;

- YouTube: I have used it a lot, as you can see on my Theater, which uses playlists built with other users uploads. Main problem: censorship and unpredictable troubles to users. For example, in the last few weeks, two of my playlists were suddenly removed because they "contained inadequate material". Gee, as I said, I don´t upload anything, I just refer to other videos that are online!!!;

- Instagram: small community of female fighting fans and censored;

- Tumblr: I use it regularly because it has a robust users list and they post interesting pictures and clips. And it is not censored! If you want to start your network there, look for the following names and grow up from them:
from a Tumblr user

- Twitter: in my opinion, the best way to follow the producers. Everyday they post something on the service. Even the Japanese are there (with their expensive videos!). And censorhip is non-existent. I have in my list:

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