Monday, October 31, 2011


That is the way the skin of these two enticing girls appear in this fantasy video from Festelle. Very little to do with fighting: it is more of a lesbian ballet ritual; nevertheless, quite erotic.


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Higher Level

After the low point of yesterday´s post (lol), something more elegant today: reproductions of sculpture by accomplished artists depicting wrestling women. Why did the artists choose the subject? Were they addicted to  this stuff like us? Commissions from wealthy aficionados? Whatever the reason, it is another proof of the interested generated by images of females in combat along the history. And preferably shown in literal naked stone or bronze...

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Blondes In The Gas Station

Don´t be fooled: the two voluptuous blondes are in fact fighting in a apartment. The post title comes from a thorough oil check performed about 01m45s in the video playback. This a vintage production - probably from Crystal Films, and image quality is bad. However, there are other good moments in the brawl: vision of nice breasts and revealing positions, matchbook holds, wedgies and face sittings: it is porn, ultimately...

This video is one of the reasons Google does not allow advertising in this Blog...

Friday, October 28, 2011

New Talent

Another artist with huge potential in the female fighting artwork business: Chicken Ball Z Kai (quite original...). Look at his drawings in the slide show below. Unfortunately his site seems dead since a while ago.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Red Vs Black

Or Blonde (although fake...) vs Brunette, the legendary women rivalry. Good and plain catfight with hair pulling, breast mauling, wedgies and pins. Source: I count on readers help...


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New Career Challenges

Female fighting is a career like every other. Orsi B., already nominated a star by this Blog, has decided to follow, let us say, a more erotic oriented path and joined Nude Fight Club.
And she has now a professional name: Brandy Smile. Can you recognize her in the photo on the left? It is easier in the two video segments below.
It seems she already got well the new job requirements.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Japan Fighting Life

Japan - specially Tokyo, has one the most thrilling night life in the world. Every fetish in your imagination is present (even some out of your imagination). Thousands of night clubs are available; it is just a question of finding the one with your favorite show. 

Of course, female fight is a popular fetish in Japan as you might already have noticed due to the huge number of outlets offering women combat videos. The one below is typical: it is announced as an "amateur" night (the girls are masked) who will fight on a oil mat. There is fight on the stage but it happens only for a fraction of the time. The main target is to display oiled genitalia (not censored for a change) pretty close to the club guests.


Monday, October 24, 2011

VHCL Fighting Outfit

VHCL stands for very high cut leotard and the one used by the brunette fighter certainly qualifies. It is a short clip, though; if anybody knows the producer, please, let all Blog readers know (myself included).


October Deviations

From DeviantArt, a selection of catfights, female wrestling and the like.


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Let Me Go (42): Big Time Spam

From the immemorial past until the present, headscissors all the way: Mildred Burke (they had not invented the Brazilian wax yet...), AS Films(?), Flamingo WW62, Lusa Entertainment and Mary vs Kathy (Fighting Style?).


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sexy Fights For Sunday

A dozen new sexy fights have been posted on Theater Four - Nudes in Combat, courtesy of SheScissorsWrestles YouTube user. The first one is a battle of stars: Christine Dupree vs Kristie Etzold.

Unfortunately, I think the mentioned user has gone well above YouTube limits uploading a scissor domination video that is too graphic...He risks a short life there...
Humm, the first casualty was exactly Christine vs Kristie; I think the replacement - Luisa vs Kim-Ly is worthwhile too.

Sub-genre #21 Continued

Fights in a barn - in the hayloft specifically, have more products in the catalog: there goes two other rolling brawls in the sub-genre. The first segment also belongs to a larger category: big boobies catfighters.


Friday, October 21, 2011

Unlikely Bodies

One is tall, very thin, white skin, dark hair, long legs; the other is short, robust, tanned, blonde: who would you bet on to win in a competitive combat? I was for the blonde, but...


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Blonde On Blonde

To inaugurate one more female fighting theme, two videos: the first is the classical DWW production, Timea E. vs Lada (this one is not a real blonde but I will make an exception on behalf of beauty); the second is more recent, from FemmeFight, with Petra (not that one...) vs Jesse, featuring: splendid hair, original pre-fight staring, sexy lingerie, much hair pulling and ... a sprinkle of fight.

NOTE: a fellow reader has done a remark about the identity of Timea: she would not be Timea E. but simply Timea. DWW has six Timea(s) in its catalog! Would anybody confirm the identity of the blonde beauty above?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Triple A

It seems they have cast these two bodies using the same mold: a sexy one, indeed! The girl in the white thong is Mutiny; the other, I could not identify her; let alone the producer.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011


With no better thing to do, I went to a movie theater to watch "Larry Crowne", starring Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts. To my surprise, the opening credits had Pam Grier as one of supporting actresses! Pam? the 70s catfighter queen of B movies? Amazing. In fact, it was not easy to recognize her in the role of Frances, a college teacher. Anyway, she was there, alive and well, with a few extra pounds. According to the IMDb site, she has been very active after leaving the catfighter stereotype role.

She was already featured here in the Blog; however, in this post I have better quality clips, besides a few seconds interview on the "Larry Crowne" set. The segments are from "The Arena" (1974), "Black Mama, White Mama" (1973), "Big Doll House" (1971), "Foxy Brown" (1974), "Hit Man" (1972) (the frontal nude scene), "Coffy" (1973), and the above mentioned interview (yes, she is Pam Grier at 62...).


Monday, October 17, 2011

Beach Fashion

I would expect that after some 20 years bikini size had evolved to be practically invisible. However, if you compare the tan marks from the first fight - produced by SweetHeart, with the wrestler Antonia (the one with more beef)) - from DWW 348, you will verify they are actually much bigger. Maybe Antonia is too modest outdoors; at the fight mattress, she is certainly not.


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Raw Matchbooks

Three matchbooks, all in the nude: first one from California Supreme CS194 (Candi vs Francesca exchanging positions for mutual satisfaction), Joan Wise PC115 (with a hold variation) and, the most recent, from Foxy Combat, Sarah vs Jessica.

Video removed by copyright owner request (Foxy Combat)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sexy Fights Galore

A bunch of new R and X (the very first one in the list: likely to be the most erotic fight already uploaded to YouTube) rated female fights has reached the Theater Four big screen (at the Blog page bottom): fun time for Sunday is assured...
Well, the nude fight stayed there for 24 hours: awesome! The video is here, right below. Note: I do not know the source of this video: if you happen to be the copyright owner, please, let me know. Unfortunately, all videos from that batch have also been purged from YouTube (and the user as well...).

By the way, the new top video on Theater Four is an excellent competitive topless fight in a ring.

Theater Three: Vintage In Black & White

Quite a long way from these old timers until the contemporary fights on Theater Four, isn´t it? One of the reasons I like them is to feel like my father (or grandfather...) decades ago. Anyway, whatever the reason, there is still appeal on those grainy and faded images. And the main title is a rarity: one of the first movies shot by California Supreme, in black & white, with Ron Dvorkin in scene.

The companion video is a vintage fight, but shot in color (not many, although...) from Crystal, similar to the Basement Fights; however, I would call this one a storehouse fight.


Friday, October 14, 2011

If You Like A Pantyhose...

... fighting, Theater Four has a treat for you: a rare and fierce topless match (I would say nude...) with fighters in sexy pantyhoses on the top of the video list. 

Thanks to wrestlingontuesday YouTube channel.

Enjoy it!

Ok, ok, you missed it for a couple of hours. But you are lucky: I have saved it for you...


Competition Risks

All fully competitive fights face the same risk: they can become real boring to watch. That is the case of these two potential good bouts. The first, from Female Muscle World,  features the beautiful Lisa Cynkin (sporting one of the sexiest costumes I have ever seen) against Quiche and the second, from Crush Wrestling, has Monica vs Kimmie (both with thighs solid as sequoia trunks). What is the problem? they fight for real and the combats get stalled. We are left to appreciate the bodies.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

All Sorts Of Shades And Shines

Three segments of black women fighting: first and second ones are very competitive since they come from Amazon´s Prod but the third one - the "shining" fight, is just for fun. All three quite sexy, though.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011


One object may sparkle a remembrance of past times and that has been case when I came across this short catfight sequence with Georgina Spelvin. For youngsters, Georgina starred "The Devil in Miss Jones" (1973), one of the first pornographic films to be exhibited on a public movie theater in US. 

I remember having seen "Miss Jones" in a double bill with "Deep Throat" (from the same director), the other iconic movie of 70s, in San Francisco, in a movie theater on Market Street. Those were revolutionary times for erotic stuff.

Now I have found this few catfight seconds with Georgina before she engages in standard porn with Jessie St. James. Not bad for a catfighter rookie. Did the star of "Deep Throat" - Linda Lovelace, participate in any female fighting action as well?


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Try To Get Free!

Those could be the words from the dominant fighters in the combats below after managing some inescapable holds (well, all fights are scripted...): two holds from the same Japanese fight, a sort of double arm triangle from Lusa Entertainment and a cobra choke pin (a scarf pin?) by Xana on my beloved Mutiny - here on brunette mode.


Monday, October 10, 2011

Zebra Power

I have noticed that fighters sporting outfits with zebra-like patterns might have a superior performance. In the first fight (by the way, a very good competitive match), the brunette in camouflage tights does not give a chance to the heavier blonde (it seems they are fighting in the same venue used by the famous Golden Gate Tournament). The second fight is a domination scripted production. And in the third one, from Special Interests, both wrestlers sport stripe patterns: therefore, the fight is even... (very scientific, isn´t it?).


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Catfight Sandwich

Before and after this brief catfight, this vintage movie is a standard porn movie - name and year unknown. It got fame (lol) and the right to be post here just due to these nice two minutes of fight.


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Bunch Of Nudies

Attractive videos with topless fighters - and even a full naked combat from legendary Beka at the top! - are available on Theater Four (bottom of the page). Even better, it's Friday!.
And they keep coming on Saturday...

And on Sunday, there is a full nude from Fighting Style at the top and a topless mom's fighting on Theater Three!

Nelsons At Work

We have standing full nelsons and full nelsons combos - many times with rear body scissors that make the hold helpless. After that brief lesson on wrestling theory (lol), let us move to the practical demonstrations below: first, Triumph with Rowdy vs Shelly (the later one may deserve an exclusive post...), Triumph again with the video "Double Danger", third segment with a rare submission to a standing full nelson (Monica Wrestling?) and then the combos, with Lusa Judo Assassins, a brief pro-wrestling scene from WOW (which one??? there are dozens of WOWs...) and the final two, from that love-or-hate company, Ultimate Surrender: Jade vs Shannon and Lola vs Princess Donna.


Friday, October 7, 2011

Flame Power

Flame, from WomanvsWoman, is a top wrestler as to butt power as you can see in her bout against tiny Taylor. More from her, please (specially in slingshot suits...).


Thursday, October 6, 2011


By observing this fight initial moments, one might expect that the taller Caucasian woman would get the upper hand soon and dominate the entire match; but, after a few seconds, it is the afro-descendant who will have the initiative and control until the end.

(sorry, but I am too lazy today to find out who the fighters are in this DWW Tournament of several years ago).

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Old Habits

In the APL-055 (out of catalog), Dina and Xana (not the blonde star but a skinny Portuguese) show the women customs of old times, although in the nude. 


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Five Crab Species

Five Boston Crabs in five (almost...) minutes: a couple of Japansese thin wrestlers, Steel Kittens SK258, a pro-wrestling match in Japan, the venerable Wrestling Lounge and - the main course, a nude one from unknown source.


Monday, October 3, 2011

Simple & Good

Simple formulas may work better than sophisticated ones. This production from FWA Grappling shows that a well crafted wrestling place and no non-sense fighters can release interesting fights to the fans. Unfortunately, its site does not show recent updates; business success is really tough to achieve in the female fighting sector.


Sunday, October 2, 2011

Pow! Thud! Blap! In Comics

Boxing as seen by drawing artists, that is the theme of the slude show below. Most of the productions came from California Supreme / Bellstone (from Glynn, for example). Very powerful women, many could qualify for a FBB.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Only Good News...

News about the near death of R-rated videos on Theater Four were premature: right now,we even have an X-rated catfight there that starts with women in a black monk robe, followed by a very good competitive topless fight. 

Have a nice week-end!

PS: well, those crotch views stayed on YouTube for a few hours only; if you missed them, there goes the whole video (I do not know the producer):


Theater Three: Only Senior Women

There is a good bunch of fights featuring mature wrestlers on YouTube and now they are on Theater Three (for the time being, the only rotating theme theater...).

As a companion, these segments from Fighting Wildcats, that seems to cater for mature wrestlers enthusiasts (and chubby ones as well...).